All Starlight puppies are guaranteed to be free of genetic defects which would prevent them from living out their lifespan.  Any puppy or dog found to have such a defect will be replaced with a healthy puppy at the owners request. Once the puppy is purchased, all health care is the responsibility of the new owner.  Every effort is made to see that the puppies leave here in the best of health.  Please call if you have any questions or concerns in the early stages of puppy raising, as I may be able to help.  It is important that the puppy receive her or his puppy vaccinations on schedule.  Regular deworming (twice a year) is also recommended.  Please keep your puppy/dog on food free of genetically modified crops (corn and soy), if you do not, be prepared to deal with the liklihood of auto-immune disorders and allergies, at the least (see link below).

Genetically modified crops in pet food